Hi. I'm Diana. 

I'm a product and services designer with an extensive business background, specializing in UX Design, Customer Experience, and Service Design.

Currently, I'm a consultant to companies of all sizes - from startups focused on defining their ideas to established businesses who are re-defining their existing products and services. Together, we shape abstract concepts into concrete online and offline experiences that respond to the needs and motivations of real people. We explore, fail, and learn quickly.

In the past 10 years I’ve designed, built, and sold companies. One of them became AirBnB Neighborhoods; another is now a B2B core offering in RealNex. I also get to swap ideas with incredible people as a board member of SVN International Corp., a commercial real estate franchisor headquartered in Boston, MA and the USVI.

When not solving strategic challenges, I can be found in pursuit of good coffee everywhere.

Extended team

I work with a vetted short-list of partners to add to engagements when needed. These include: other experience designers, information architects, content writers, UI designers, and developers. All are an A+ team. You’ll love them, promise.

Client Reviews

A diligent, imaginative, detailed UX professional.

I had the pleasure of working with Diana on a few projects. Our agency and clients loved her. She has a very analytical and thoughtful approach, a keen ability to translate a complex subject into something tangible and understandable, and her ease and confidence in front of a client make her an asset to any project. Diana is a diligent, imaginative, and detailed UX professional who gets to the heart of the issue. As an added bonus, she’s lovely to work with.

Jennifer Wallace Grady, EVP, Director of Client Services, CO-OP Brand Partners

Impressive UX design.

My team and I have worked closely with Diana on a key productivity app for a Fortune 100 client. In our ongoing collaboration, I have witnessed first-hand her most impressive UX design, visionary, project management, leadership skills and work ethic. First and foremost however are her values: Diana is a person of high character, professionalism, innovative creativity, curiosity, empathy, macro/micro perspective, can-do attitude and refreshing humor.

Matthew Cross, Founder & President, Leadership Alliance

Cross-disciplinary knowledge.

I don't know if there is anything Diana can't do. I had the pleasure of working with Diana for two years at NabeWise, where I watched her gracefully cultivate and maintain client relationships while simultaneously running and managing a number of projects - what would drive most people crazy she made look effortless. Her cross-disciplinary knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and writing talent combined with her insatiable curiosity, diligence, and strategic thinking make her an invaluable member of any team lucky enough to have her.

Andrea Mignolo, Head of Design & UX, Movable Ink

Creative Innovation.

Diana is an exceptional UX designer. I had the pleasure of working with her while at Leadership Alliance. She is an extremely intelligent individual and truly understands project goals and client needs. Diana pushes products toward creative innovation and shined as the UX lead on our iOS app project for one of our Fortune 100 clients. Her exceptional strategic user experience recommendations, ability to present and defend her work, and the emotional connection she builds with the client makes Diana an asset to any project. I highly recommend her!

Diana Doroftei, ITS Training Manager, Oliver Wyman

Excels in IA, User Research, Business Strategy.

Diana is simply the BEST! I am continuously impressed with her ability to deeply extract business goals + strategies and turn those findings into an optimal user experience. She excels in IA, user research, and business strategy. Diana is a proven leader in her field and has had major success on large client projects such as Siemens and Essilor. Her creativity, leadership, professionalism and strategic thinking make her an asset to any team; I can’t recommend her enough.

— Ashley Moje, VP of Operations + Partner, Iteration Group